exhibition "Paralyzed Paradyze" by Anne Lindner, in the Annexes of Bourglinster

The Annexes of Bourglinster are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition "Paralyzed Paradyze" by artist Anne Lindner, which will take place on September 18, 2020 at 19:00 in the Annexes of Bourglinster Castle, Open Space Room.

Only by appointment : 00352 691675723

‘Paralyzed Paradyze’ is an exhibition about finding the paradise within yourself. It’s about finding the beauty in everything. Anne Lindner invites you into her universe of drawings and sketches, that formed the recent series of paintings that she produces. The passion and forms that art is. How to find space and material that are in our everyday life and make a beautiful set of drawings on different kind of surfaces, in this case a variety of paper and canvases. The fragile and sometimes gloomy drawings are inviting the viewer to escape day to day life and plunge into the hidden universe that surrounds us all, but we mostly forget about. The deep connection, that we as human beings have, and yet we are losing sometimes because we are over informed and over stimulated by digital media.

Anne Lindner


Independent Artist

Atelier @ Château de Bourglinster

8, rue du Château

L-6162 Bourglinster

Galerist & Agent @MobArt Studio

56, Grand - Rue

Passage Beaumont

L-1660 Luxembourg

Phone: 00352 691 675 723

Web: Anne Lindner