The OPEN SPACE is a multi-functional room with a surface area of 100 m2

In addition to the residency and rental studios, the Annexes have a multi-purpose room of almost 100 m2. This work space, installed in the attic, is available to resident and tenant artists to work on large format works, to present their work to the public, etc. The OPEN SPACE room can be made available free of charge to national cultural actors, on explicit request and on condition that the work planned is of a cultural nature.

Terms and conditions of rental

Terms and conditions of rental

As a collective, the K+A relies on the effervescence of urban culture. The first 6 months were especially useful for the collective to get closer to the resident artists of the Annexes and to open up to the dancers and artists of urban culture in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and thus to make a real tour of horizon and to allow the first opportunities and to foresee new ones.

Thus the collective is open to any proposal for collaboration or exchange.

The aim is to revitalise the premises and, as a result, K+A is giving artists of all kinds the opportunity to use the common spaces on the Annexes site. Of course, this requires a certain amount of logistics and planning.

However, these synergies form, together with the individual freedom of artistic expression of the members and their collaborations, one of the creative axes of the collective. These synergies have a pedagogical benefit within the collective through the learning and exchange of new skills and experiments. 

To benefit from a creative space, simply send an email to
Note that various other spaces are also available.